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First off to understand how the band was formed you have to understand who Promo the band is. Now Promo was born to a three legged bitch of a mother. The band was always ashamed of this, until one day the band was adopted by these guys, Michael Stephenson and Shawn Sims. Who are small time musicians, and self proclaimed rock stars. (I kid) So we put Promo into motion, and we're thinking, this is a good idea, a damn good idea!!

But then.....

The original 2 said to themselves, they said selves.... something isn't right. They switched things up by moving away from their comfort zones and changing instruments. Having moved Alex to bass we quickly realized we needed a drummer. In comes Josh on the skins like the kool aid man busting through a wall. (OH YEAH) We then decided it needed to be a bit more beefy which brings us to Adam on guitar. Who is quiet but allows his guitar skills to speak for him.

Thus rounding out our ridiculous and unwanted red headed step child of the scene sound of DropPurpleSpaceDoomMetalRock. You're welcome and we're sorry........ not sorry.